Library Ship Deck Descriptions

The main section of the Asimov (and the other library ships) has twelve decks arranged in
a cylinder around the axis. They are as follows:
Deck 1
     Control room and bridge
     Main computer room
     Link control
     Living quarters
     Life support
Deck 2
     Sensor control
     Auxiliary data center
     Maintenance bay
Deck 3
     Astrophysics/Missile control
Deck 4

Deck 5
    Farming deck

Deck 6
     Farming deck

Deck 7
     Engine room
     Farm produce processing

Deck 8
     Astrarium imaging
     Light manufacturing

Deck 9
     Farming Deck

Deck 10
     Chemical processing

Deck 11
     Heavy manufacturing

Deck 12
     Robot storage and repair

Zero-gravity deck (hub)
     Shuttle bay
     Zero-gravity laboratories