In the year 2300, the settlement of Grissom on the second planet of the Tau Ceti star system, named Pitcairn by the colony’s founders, was little more than a farming community serving the aloof scientists two hundred miles away. Starships infrequently brought supplies and new colonists braving the sixteen-year trip, and the announcement of the approaching Asimov was a cause for celebration. The new ship was different, though, and its arrival would bring changes forcing the colony from its isolation into a new future of interstellar politics and conspiracy.

The Tau Ceti Trilogy

Introduces the universe of the library ships and the planet of Pitcairn in the Tau Ceti star system. The trilogy chronicles Pitcairn’s rise from a small colony to an independent world.

Voyage of the Capek

After the Battle of Trist, the library ship Capek leaves the Epsilon Eridani system and sets a course for another star where it and its passengers can start over. Their destination is an unexplored world with unknown dangers, but first they must survive the seven-year voyage.


The Methuselah Project was supposed to extend life by enabling the uploading of consciousness to a computer. Elements of Earth’s government had more sinister goals, and saw the library ships as tools for their exploitation.

The Ambassador Trilogy

Edward Goldstein was only a deputy Ambassador to Pitcairn, but  a scandal destroys his reputation. An unexpected message from a lost colony and a momentous discovery by an automated exploration starship will give him an opportunity for redemption.