The Tau Ceti Trilogy

In the year 2300, the Tau Ceti settlement of Grissom was little more than a farming community serving the aloof scientists two hundred miles away. Starships infrequently brought supplies and new colonists braving the sixteen-year trip, and the announcement of the approaching Asimov was a cause for celebration. The new ship was different, though, and its arrival would bring changes forcing the colony from its isolation into a new future of interstellar politics and conspiracy.

The Project Methuselah Duo

Project Methuselah was intended to make immortality possible by uploading a mind to a computer. The reality was much more than that, threatening power for its user that would destroy the Western Alliance democracy. The Tau Ceti trilogy told of its effect on the star colonies and the library ships. These two novels relate the story of the people behind the project, those who saw it as the key to unlimited power and those who were forced to implement it.

The Ambassador Trilogy

Sixty years after Methuselah, its effects are still felt on the inhabited planets. When the exploration ship Alejandro Castillo, long thought lost, reports its arrival in a new star system, it falls on Pitcairn and the library ships to deal with the consequences. The library ships force the choice of discredited diplomat Edward Goldstein for a mission to the new star system and his undistinguished career takes on crucial new importance.

More in the Library Ship universe

“Voyage of the Capek” is a novella of the aftermath of the Battle of Trist as described at the end of the Tau Ceti trilogy. “Yellowstone” and another novel will be prequels to the Library Ship Saga. “Yellowstone” will describe the event that created the Western Alliance and the Eastern Bloc. A third novel, currently just a concept in my mind, will reveal the background of the first star ships to Pitcairn and the other colonies.

Star Bound

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