Dateline: 20 September 2062 Major breakthrough in the physics of space

A team of physicists at Edison Laboratory in Princeton, New Jersey reports that they have developed technology capable of warping space with relatively small energy required. The team, led by Doctor Arthur Stenhouse, has speculated that the new technology will have world-changing applications in energy production and has potential for the design of star ships that could approach the speed of light.

Dateline: 16 September 2081 Second interstellar probe launched.

NASA announced today that a second interstellar probe will be launched this week, following on the successful completion of the first probe ten years ago to Alpha Centauri. Scientists have chosen the sun-like star Tau Ceti, twelve light years away as the destination for the new probe. The decision was made after observations from the Sagan Near Earth Observatory on Mars confirmed the existence of an Earth-sized planet in the Goldilocks zone of Tau Ceti.


Dateline: 29 March 2097 Star ship "Santa Maria" launched to Tau Ceti.

Based on the latest favorable reports from Solar System telescopes, NASA has decided not to wait for probe results, due in twelve years. The "Santa Maria," carrying 160 colonists is on its way to the Earth-like planet Tau Ceti 2. The colonization voyage is led by Captain Connor Fletcher.


Dateline: 14 April 2125 “Santa Maria” reports successful voyage

Twelve years after the star ship “Santa Maria” arrived, a message reporting its successful colonization has been received. The message took twelve years to get to Earth because of the limitations on the speed of light. The colonists have named their planet Pitcairn and their settlement Grissom.


Dateline: 7 July 2143 Research Station established on Pitcairn

The latest message from the Tau Ceti colony on Pitcairn reports the successful establishment of the Ellis Research Station, staffed by crewmembers of the second star ship to Pitcairn, the Challenger. The new settlement is about two hundred miles from Grissom, the original settlement on Pitcairn.